Design and Development

The most important aspect of a uniform program is that the garments fit your needs. From ensuring the garment can perform to making sure your employees will want to wear them, WearWell will work with your company so that you receive the most appropriate styles for your needs.
We have an extensive inventory of stock items and existing designs that we have developed over the past 4 decades that can suite almost any need. We will work with you to determine what you require and then to make suggestions on what we think will work best from our style library. If we don’t have the exact item you require, we will sit down with you and develop what you need specifically. Whether that means tweaking an existing style slightly or sourcing custom fabric, offering specific high visibility tape placement, researching corporate colours, or including decoration, we can and will make sure that your uniform program is exactly suited to your specific needs.
 With direct access to our designer, we can ensure the end product will meet and exceed your expectations.  Once the styles and details are determined, we can also work with you on sample orders or wear trial programs so that you can review and fully test our product before implementing it company wide. Our Pattern Maker can review wear trial results and make adjustments if necessary to deliver the best possible design.  We offer virtual sizing as well as sizing sets of garments and in person sizing sessions with your program manager to ensure a great fit once the design is finalized as well. 
WearWell is a collaborative partner in your success each step of the way.