Environmental Policy

At WearWell Garments, environmental action is just business as usual. Stirling MacLean believes that one should "treat your business like your house, keep it clean". MacLean is mindful of the world he is leaving to future generations which is why operating as a zero-waste facility is so important.
WearWell has also been successful in reducing the plant's environmental footprint in other ways. For example, WearWell provides quality Canadian manufacturing and works with supply chain partners to ensure their same high-quality standards are met, including being environmentally responsible. WearWell not only constructs the garments, we're also able to do finish work such as embroidery on hats and garments, this eliminates extra shipping needs and helps keep the company's carbon footprint low.
From 2008-2014, WearWell Garments successfully saved approximately 80,000-100,000 lbs of fabric scrap from landfills each year. And since first being recognized in 2014 as Small Business of the Year, we continue to look for efficiencies in our recycling processes and waste reducing initiatives, including remaining consistent in our commitment to becoming a zero-waste facility. Currently, thanks to new software implementations, WearWell Garments saves approximately 160,000 lbs of scrap fabric each year.