Sourcing and Global Supply Chain

WearWell Garments has been in business for more than 40 years and has built many solid partnerships in that time. When sourcing garments that we do not manufacture ourselves, we utilize our established network of partners to provide excellent quality clothing to compliment any uniform program. While WearWell produces a very large number of garments, we know that we can’t make everything! In those cases, we work with our network of trusted partners to bring in additional items to round out your uniform program. Items like headwear, knitwear, and rugged outerwear are just a few areas in which we can provide additional import items to ensure that you can offer a fully rounded program to your employees.

For customers that require large volume, low price sourcing, we can manage offshore programs, or blended programs when a combination of domestic and offshore manufacturing is necessary. Through our network of reputable partners in China, Mexico, and India, WearWell can design a program with your needs in mind, ensuring the same excellence in quality, care, and service that we are known for. We ensure that all of our partners adhere to the same high standards we have established. This includes corporate responsibility audits, site visits, meeting or exceeding all local government labour practices, and being environmentally responsible.
Our flexible supply chain can be tailored to your specific needs and scope of size.  WearWell Garments partner network is reliable, cost effective and proven over time.