Our Brands

Founded in 1978, WearWell Garments Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of apparel for service sector, institutional, and corporate markets.
Our mission is to deliver uniform programs with style and efficiency and promotional programs that build great brands. 
Our people are the key to our success. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our customers realize outstanding value in all products and services we provide. 

Geliget Gear® by WearWell is our fire-resistant workwear line. Made in Nova Scotia, Canada, the promise of our product is found right in our name – geliget, derived from the Mi'kmaq language meaning, “to protect”. Geliget Gear® is a division of WearWell Garments, in the garment manufacturing business since 1978.This exclusive line of high performance apparel is designed for work environments where risk of exposure to electric arc, flash fire and ferrous metals is present.